Louis W. Mian, Inc.

Company History

Today, Louis W. Mian, Inc. is New England’s premier source for all types of Natural stone. We pride ourselves on 4 generations of knowledge and honest business practices and without a doubt provide the highest level of quality fabrication in the industry today. Our focus on maintaining our level of quality dates back to our beginnings as mosaic artisans and today is manifested in the natural stone products we provide to our clients. Here is our story:

Louis W. Mian, Inc. embodies four generations of stone knowledge and experience, beginning in 1905 when Angelo Mian of Italy arrived in Boston at the age of 26. A mosaic artisan by trade, Angelo gained recognition throughout New England for his craft; one of his more prominent works being the mosaic floors of the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

Angelo’s son, Louis W. Mian, Sr. followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a mosaic artisan. In 1927 Louis entered the School of Mosaics in Spilimbergo, Italy where he trained and honed his skills for the next three years. When he arrived in Boston in 1931, he became the second generation of the Mian Family to provide hand crafted mosaics of unparalleled quality in the U.S.

In 1946, after returning from a four year stint in the U.S. Navy, Louis began his dream of owning and operating his own company. By 1963 the company had become incorporated, and later won an unprecedented ten consecutive national awards for excellence in the fields of Terrazzo and Mosaic. mosaic

As the company grew, Louis’ son Louis W. Mian, Jr. (Bill) was brought into the business. After earning a B.S. in Business Administration from the Lowell Technological Institute, Bill began working full time for his father. Seeing that the demand for marble and granite as a building material was growing rapidly in New England, Bill decided to redirect the goals of the company and focus on Natural Stone.

The new emphasis of Louis W. Mian, Inc. was to concentrate on marble and granite, but most importantly to provide the highest quality fabrication level of these products. This is how the company has distinguished itself since the 1980’s. Mechanized equipment is used only in facets that do not compromise the end product and all pieces are finished by hand to maintain quality standards that simply are not possible to achieve with automated machinery. Today, we provide homeowners, builders, architects, developers, and designers with the finest and most exclusive granite, marble, limestone, and slate in the world.